Veredus B-Work Bandages

$89.95 incl. GST



Enhance your horse’s performance and safeguard their well-being with the Veredus B-Work Bandages. These exceptional 330 cm bandages are meticulously designed to offer concrete support to your horse’s tendons and joints during intense work sessions.

Crafted from a premium blend of fleece and elastic fabric, these bandages provide a snug yet flexible fit, ensuring optimal comfort and freedom of movement. The fleece material delivers a soft and cushioned feel, while the elastic fabric offers the necessary stretch for a secure and supportive wrap.

Whether you’re engaging in demanding training sessions, high-intensity workouts, or participating in competitive events, the Veredus B-Work Bandages are your trusted companions. They effectively minimise the risk of strain and injury to your horse’s limbs, allowing them to perform at their best.

These versatile bandages can also be used as an additional layer of protection under other gear such as boots or wraps, further enhancing the overall support and stability provided to your horse’s legs.

Invest in the Veredus B-Work Bandages and experience the remarkable difference they make in your horse’s performance and well-being. Shop now at Greg Grant Saddlery and equip your horse with top-quality equestrian products that are designed to meet the demands of competitive riding and training.