Stretch Colours and Cap

$239.95 incl. GST

Hyland Stretch Colours
Quick Drying
Light Weight

Fitted pull on top designed to assist with comfort, fit and aerodynamic efficiency. Includes stretch cap for perfect fit on all helmets and complimentary customized race colours bag.

A high performance open knit and specially constructed yarn is what ensures breathability, quick drying whilst being highly UV protective.

It’s excellent power and the correct muscular compression offered ensures high performance and very light weight.

Fully printed using state of the art sublimation print process

Body weight: 120gms



For registration purposes, please note that if you don’t have a design that has been officially registered, and racing in your state requires this, you will need to apply for registration once you have selected a design.  We are unable to confirm if the design you have selected is available so it is your responsibility to do so prior to ordering.
You can download registration forms from the following link



Learn how to design, register and own your own race colours in our step-by-step video tutorial.


Do they give me an advantage over the traditional colours?
There is no doubt that they are more aero-dynamic than the traditional race colours so in theory they would help with wind resistance.  No specific testing has been performed to determine how much they help but it’s fair to say, even if its a split second there would be a benefit.  There are many variables in horse racing, your horse could miss the start, the jockey goes right when they should have gone left, the way a jockey is seated on a horse compared to others or even track bias so there are many factors that probably have a bigger impact on the finishing position but as we said, even if it’s 0.1% of an advantage it is something.

How long will they last?
The material is a specially designed breathable, quick drying, moisture-wicking and light weight fabric made for maximum performance.  Due to this the material is not likely to last as long as the traditional race colours but following the care instructions will allow them to get through quite a few racing seasons.

How should I wash them?
Machine Wash is no problem but ideally inside a laundry wash bag.  Cold water on a gentle or delicate cycle and dry on a clothes rack preferably.  If machine dried, use low temperature (high heat can break down the fibres and cause damage)

Do the jockeys prefer stretch or traditional race colours?
The answer to this is an ongoing debate.  From our ongoing questioning we have found that the jockeys are not overly fussed either way.  Feedback from customers who have used them for many years is “Jockey’s don’t particularly like them on trial mornings when they are slipping in and out of many silks in the morning. This is because they are a little harder to get on and off quickly”


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