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EXOCOUGH RED Oral Decongestant, Expectorant For Horses Product Fact Sheet What is Exocough Red? Exocough Red is an aid in the treatment of coughing and other clinical signs associated with respiratory infections in horses. Exocough Red is a powerful oral decongestant that is registered in Australia by the APVMA that uses proven scientific active ingredients that are safe and effective. Exocough Red is fast acting on the respiratory system to give relief in horses of all ages including weanlings, yearlings and adult horses.

Furthermore Exocough Red has been specifically formulated to assist in expectorating the conditions caused by viruses or illness associated with coughs, colds and any type of respiratory conditions. What is so great about Exocough Red? Exocough’s proven scientific formula dissolves mucus and congestion in the lungs.

The respiratory tract system also benefits from this action allowing large volumes of air to pass freely in and out of the lungs. This process begins within a few hours, Exocough shifts foreign objects that are dormant in the cavities and lungs via the nose and eyes. Exocough’s benefits are visible within days; importantly Exocough is all natural and has no harmful side effects.

Is it safe? Yes, Exocough Red is safe and effective. Registered with the Australian Pesticides Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) since 2006.

What benefits does Exocough Red achieve?

Exocough Red assists with the following:

• Aids in the treatment of coughing – Colds – Any type of respiratory conditions – Horses wellbeing – Dissolving mucus – Training benefits Mechanism of Action: Exocough Red treats and eliminates the problem at the source.

Its fast acting formula liquefies mucus releasing it from the lungs and respiratory tract. Mucus and phlegm are discharged from the lung cavities and respiratory tract walls, moving to the laryngeal area of the throat where normal breathing and coughing enable mucus and congestion to be expelled.

Importance of Exocough Red for your horses! Respiratory related health conditions are the second leading cause of poor performance in athletic horses. The equine respiratory tract is so highly specialised for exercise that even the slightest deviation from normal can limit a horse’s athletic career. With the exception of the lungs, the remainder of the equine respiratory tract is essentially a glorified tube.

The other components of the respiratory system are, in some ways, considered ancillary and serve primarily as a conduit for the air to move between the environment and lungs. That is not to say that the other parts of the respiratory system are unimportant.

Remember respiratory system dysfunction is the second leading cause of exercise intolerance and poor performance in athletic horses, following musculoskeletal disorders. Structural, functional, and infectious conditions can occur at any point along the respiratory tract. Using Exocough Red will help ensure your horse is performing at its optimum at all times. © All Rights Reserved 2

What Type Of Horses Will Benefit From Exocough Red?

• Racing and Performance Horses – Weanlings – Yearlings – Endurance Horses – Dressage and Pleasure Horses

Unfortunately there are many horses that are not treated regularly for respiratory infections. Your horse/s may come into contact with these horses at the races, in the float or the training track. Regular treatment with Exocough Red (including a maintenance regime) can assist with your horse/s protection from problems that may arise from other infectious horses. In the event Exocough Red is used and there are no visible signs of expulsion after 6 weeks, rest assured that your animal has benefited from its treatment and no physical harm was done.

Is It Legal?

Exocough Red is registered in Australia by the APVMA. Exocough contains no prohibited substances. Rules of racing must be observed in each respective country.

• Sizes & Availability: Exocough Red comes in a 2.5L and 20L drums

• Administration: 50mL daily for adult horses 30mL daily for yearlings 30mL daily for weanlings

• Use Exocough Red for 21 days or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.

• Exocough Red may be administered by oral syringe or added to molasses and mixed well into nightly feed. For Severe or chronic cases ask your veterinarian to scope horses for confirmation of clearance of symptoms.

• Maintenance Regime: 50mL daily for adult horses 30mL daily for yearlings 20mL daily for weanlings

• Meat Withholding Period: NIL Storage: Keep product in a cool dark place.

• Do not freeze. Do not expose to sunlight. Keep out of reach of children


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