Harness Colours Satin. (x 1)

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Body Colour: Mauve
Body Design: Yoke, Braces & 3 Diamonds
Body Design Colour: Teal
Collar Colour: Teal
Waistband Colour: Teal
Sleeves Colour: Mauve
Sleeves Design: Filled V
Sleeves Design Colour: Teal
Cuffs Design: Key Line Cuffs
Cuffs Colour: Teal
Name on Cuffs:: T.O.
Font: Arial Bold
Font Colour: Teal
Size: Small
Quantity: 1
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Harness Satin Colours

Body Colour Mauve
Body Design Yoke, Braces & 3 Diamonds
Body Design Colour Teal
Collar Colour Teal
Waistband Colour Teal
Sleeves Colour Mauve
Sleeves Design Filled V
Sleeves Design Colour Teal
Cuffs Design Key Line Cuffs
Cuffs Colour Teal
Name on Cuffs: T.O.
Font Arial Bold
Font Colour Teal ( #00609c)
Size Small
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Quantity 1


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